Volunteer Stories

“The return is far greater than the expenditure of the time.”

Jeffrey Anderson

“Find your niche and continue to give back”

Lisa Parker Williams

“Find something that means something to you.”

Fiorela Guevara

“Volunteering as another way to advocate for patients.”

Cathlyn Robinson

True to Nursing’s Pledge

Lisa Parker-Williams

“With volunteers we can really amplify our message.”

Adelisa Perez-Hudgins, MSN, RN-BC

Nurses Raising Awareness

The Mental Health Association in New Jersey (MHANJ)

Great resource for RN-BSN, DNP & Graduate Practicum Hours

Volunteering in community based settings is a great way to engage on a deeper level with the communities that you serve. It allows you to understand the ways in which the Social Determinants of Health affect your patients and ways that you can get more involved to be...

Creating an Engaged Community

Deborah Fisher

Motivated to Make a Difference

Nina Vaid Raoji

Something Different

Beth Jameson