I was  introduced to Conversation of Your Life (COYL) on two accounts. The first was at my place of employment and the second during a Leadership Across the Continuum course for my DNP studies.

Palliative care and hospice care were areas that always intrigued me as a registered professional nurse, particularly during my days as a visiting nurse. The term death and dying and its meaning encompassed so much more in the schematic picture. There is a whole life that takes place before someone reaches death and dying. As nurses we teach our patients to manage physical and mental health and prepare accordingly. Isn’t preparing for the inevitable worth being understood with the necessary preparations!

I decided to continue to work with COYL because I realized there is a nursing presence needed in these community meetings and discussions. As nurses we are committed to performing our workplace roles without skipping a beat. In this day of Population Health, Population Management and the Triple Aim, now more than ever nurses need to become more involved in the community.

My involvement in COYL has allowed me to hear and view my community from a completely different lens. This lens assists me in being true to the nursing pledge.

Lisa Parker-Williams