About Us
Children’s Aid and Family Services is one of northern New Jersey’s leading nonprofit providers of services that protect and support vulnerable children, adults and families. As an agency, we are focused on meeting ever-evolving social needs by expanding our programs to help members of the community live their best lives.

Each year, our services make a profound and lasting difference to the thousands of individuals and families who turn to us for assistance. Whether we are working with a child seeking an adoptive family, teaching life skills to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing a neglected child with a therapeutic foster family, supplying nutritional formula and diapers to financially struggling families, educating a teen on the perils of substance abuse or providing support services for teen moms and their babies, we are helping to build futures for children and families in the communities we serve.

Our Mission
Children’s Aid and Family Services strengthens families and empowers individuals – children and adults alike – to reach their fullest potential. Motivated by compassion and in partnership with the community, we make positive lasting differences in the lives of those we serve. We provide high-quality, innovative services to children, adults, and their families that advance social, educational and emotional development and wellbeing.