LIVIA Health & Senior Living
Morris County
Name of facility: LIVIA Health & Senior Living (formerly Sycamore Living at East Hanover)
Address of facility: 1 S Ridgedale Avenue, East Hanover, NJ 07936
County: Morris
Bed capacity: 86 SNF    /  37 ALF
Brief description of clinical services and acuity, including specialized services (example: behavioral/psychiatric, memory care,  wound care, ventilator, dialysis, etc.) Nursing Services:
Frequent Physical Assessments / Vital Signs
Daily Weights, CHF Protocol
CPAP, Bi-Pap, Hi Flow O2
Pleurx Catheters, Chest Tubes, Aspira Catheters
Life Vest
Dementia Certified Nursing Care
PCA Pump, Morphine Drip

IV Therapy – Fluids, Antibiotics
IV medications – Milrinone, Lasix
Automatic Defibrillator
PICC Insertion and Management
Negative Pressure Wound TherapyIsolation (MRSA, VRE, COVID)
Surgical Drain Management
Tracheostomy Management
Analgesic Pumps
Wound Vac

Clinician Services:
Physician overseeing Transitions of Care
AMG Primary Care Physicians
APS Blood Transfusions Onsite
CarePatch Wound Care Treatment
Circadia Contactless Remote Patient
Monitoring System

Nursing Facility Administrator Name: Margaret Nolan
Nursing Facility Administrator Contact Phone Number: W 201-602-2196     M973-632-9438
Nursing Facility Administrator Contact Email:
Director of Nursing Name: Virginia Pabin
Director of Nursing Contact Phone Number: W 201-602-1398   M 973-570-6317
Director of Nursing Contact Email:
Facility website link:
If applicable, please list the Regional Operations Director name, contact phone number, and email address. Rich Molfetta  - COO   -  914-720-8710
If applicable, please list the Regional Nurse name, contact phone number, and email address.