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Ensuring that nursing plays a central role in the transformation of the Health Care System in New Jersey so that it may provide seamless, affordable, quality care that will be accessible to all, patient centered, and evidence-based, leading to improved health outcomes in New Jersey.

Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action Progress Report

The NJAC’s Future of Nursing Campaign for Action has made great strides since 2010. The Campaign for Action  is a key part of building a Culture of Health, as it takes steps to bring accessible, high-quality care to more Americans. This vision is based on the belief that everyone deserves to live the healthiest life possible.

Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action

Nurse Residency Simulation

New Nurse Residency Program starting in Fall 2016

New Nurse Residency Program for Long Term Care and Assisted Living starting in Fall of 2016.  This program is being funded by the NJCCN for 1 year.  Requires that you be hired by a facility that is willing to participate in the program.  For more information contact: Katherine Black at: 

Updates on NJAC Work-2016

The NJAC is in the process of realigning our work for the future.  Building on our capacity building to further develop a culture a health in NJ.  Please see the letter below for all of the accomplishments to date from your work as Coalition members and friends.    Please stay tuned to our next steps.  Read More… NJAC IOM Letter     

May 24th, 2016- Summit held with diverse stakeholders to determine how to embed nurses in the community to build a culture of health in NJ.  A strategic plan will be forthcoming.


Boards are better when nurses weigh in; their perspectives and experiences add distinctive viewpoints that improve the decisions that are made to achieve the goals of improved health, and efficient and effective health care systems at the local, state, and national levels.

The New Jersey Action Coalition (NJAC) strongly supports this effort to increase nurse leadership opportunities and will play an active role in advancing this initiative in New Jersey. To that end, NJAC has created a voluntary form to help gather relevant professional information for nurses interested in serving on a New Jersey board. Please use the below form to submit your information and current resume.

New Jersey Nurses Board Service Application

Additionally, the Nurses on Boards Coalition (NOBC) is spearheading the drive to get 10,000 nurses on boards across America by 2020. The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action is encouraging nurses to join the Leap Into Leadership initiative, February 29 to March 4, 2016, sponsored by the Nurses on Boards Coalition. Visit and click the “Be Counted” tab. Getting a good count of how many nurses serve in leadership spots on the boards of community, health, and other organizations will provide a stronger foundation for growth and help create healthier communities. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be counted!

Get more information and follow the progress on Twitter at #LEAPintoLEADERSHIP and #10kNurses.


For questions and inquiries related to the NJAC board application, feel free to contact .

Thank you for your support,

New Jersey Action Coalition

New “app” available to help potential and current nurses navigate the educational system.  See how you can obtain the app on the side panel.

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Since 2010, NJAC has been focused on increasing the number of BSN or higher degree nurses in New Jersey. The national goal is to have 80% BSN prepared nurses by 2020.

Grant 1 (2013 – 2015) – Seamless Academic Progression-Completed

This grant was funded by RWJF and NJ partners for $225,000. Academic – practice partnerships formed across the state to create seamless academic progression. The map represents those engaged in this project.

Grant 2 (2015 – 2017) – Nurse Navigators

The grant is funded by RWJF and NJ partners for $150,000.

  • Implementing curricula and seamless academic progression continues under the leadership of Dr. Maria Torchia LoGrippo;
  • A nurse navigator has been hired to assist nurses with enrollment, financial aid and work life balance;
  • An “app” is under development to help nurses and potential nurses navigate educational pathways.

For more information contact: Maria Torchia LoGrippo

Implement Nurse Residency Models

Long Term Care Residency

Since December 2013 the NJAC in collaboration with stakeholders implemented a new nurse residency and preceptor program for LTC facilities across the state. This model program was funded for 1.6 million dollars by CMS.  This residency program has been completed.  86% retention rate achieved for new graduates for 1 year from this program.  A report will be forthcoming.For more information contact: Edna Cadmus

LTC Cohort 1 Group Picture

Cohort 1 – Long Term Care Nurse Residents

APN Nurse Residency

An outline for APN model for transitions into practice was developed. The NJAC is seeking funds to test the model in New Jersey. For more info contact: Susan Salmond

APN Practice

APNs can meet 80% of the primary care needs in New Jersey. Outcomes show positive impact on quality care.

Expand Nursing Leadership Skills and Opportunities

Nurses need to be engaged at the board level in helping redesign healthcare in New Jersey. NJAC is working hard to expand leadership skills and opportunities by:

  • Identifying, developing and promoting nurse leaders in the state
  • Preparing nurse leaders for board governance opportunities
  • Forming a database of established and emerging nurse leaders for prospective board positions
  • Helping mid-level nurses build leadership skills
  • Surveying and identifying current nurse board leaders
  • Mentoring and expanding LTC nurse leaders through ONE-NJ mentorship program

Why is it important for nurses to be on boards?

First, Watch the video:

New Jersey Nurses on Boards Survey Results 2015

A survey was conducted between April to August 2015 to determine a baseline on how many nurses served on boards, and the types of boards they were serving on.  The fact sheet is attached.   NJAC Nurses on Boards Fact Sheet The results showed a gap in the number of nurses on pharmaceutical, insurance, and corporate companies.  This should be a focus for NJ nurses.

Upload your resume to the following website so we can connect you with board positions. Please read letter below by opening the link to learn how to be in our database for potential board appointments.

Nurses on Boards letter

READY TO RUN is a national network of non-partisan campaign training programs committed to electing more woman into public office.


NJAC Member Maria Torchia LoGrippo is One of 10 Breakthrough Nurse Leaders in the US

Maria-LoGrippo-Breakthrough-Leader-AwardThis program was sponsored by the RWJF in collaboration with AARP to develop leaders across the nation.