December 8, 2017
Nursing volunteer needed to provide expertise for planning stages for implementation and subsequent medical support to provide identified needed services in 2018.
Event Date
January 2018
Time Frame
Opportunity Location
Union County
Contact Name
Alane McCahey
144 Madison Avenue


We would like to have a nurse volunteer help us plan healthy eating and food education in January 2018.

Time Frame
End of January first IN PERSON planning meeting – 2 hours
Follow up conference calls weekly for 3-4 weeks.

Currently we provide some healthy eating information as hand outs in the bags of food and healthy signage at the pantry beginning in January. We provide nutrition education at the pantry and will continue in 2018. We are looking to expand this program and need a nurse volunteer to help us plan the next steps.

The nurse volunteer would understand the needs to:

  • provide support for clinical care for bilingual (Hispanic/Latino) population frequenting Food Pantries monthly;
  • understand needs and provide services beyond one time screenings;
  • once needs have been identified be able to provide follow up programs or services which will have an effect on preventing negative health outcomes such as hypertension and diabetes; ability to monitor and track outcomes;
  • understand the needs of the population they are serving.

After the planning phase, our goal is to have a program up and running by end of February or March as per the Food Pantry Distribution schedule.

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