Central Jersey Family Health Consortium
August 23, 2019
Looking for a nurse volunteer to create a 30 minute presentation to educate students of MCC on self-care before, during, and after pregnancy. Create an interactive experience for students to learn.
Event Date
October 4, 2019
Time Frame
11:35 am- 12:05 pm
Opportunity Location
Middlesex County
Contact Name
Ariana Nunez, MPH
2600 Woodbridge Ave


“A Healthy Baby Begins with You” Preconception Peer Educator training program

  • Students will learn about female/male/LGBTQ preconception health, STIs, health disparities and related topics
  • Self-care presentation
    • Reiterate the points made in earlier presentations:
      • Nutrition
        • Ways to incorporate healthy eating into an everyday lifestyle
      • STI prevention/testing/treatment
        • How to use a male/female condom
        • What does the visit look like when getting tested?
      • Managing chronic illnesses (ex: hypertension, diabetes, etc.)
        • What can a person do on their own? Foods to eat? Exercise?
        • Questions to ask a healthcare provider?
      • Mental health and stress management
    • Things to consider:
      • What are the steps one must take to live a healthier life to focus on self-care?
      • What does a pregnant person have to consider?
      • What does a partner in pregnancy have to consider?
      • How do these self-care concepts all relate? (Ex: eating healthier and exercising is good for your body and your mind)
    • Include an interactive element and resources (Ex: meditation or nutrition apps)
  • Potentially up to 40-50 students will attend
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