Children*s Futures
June 20, 2018
Provide outreach programs to bring pregnant women into prenatal care as early as possible and reduce pregnancy and post-partum related stressors.
Event Date
August 11, 2018
Time Frame
11 am - 1 pm
Opportunity Location
Mercer County
Contact Name
Guerline Pierre
16 West Front Street, Suite 220


Children*s Futures is hosting a special event for Pregnant and Breastfeeding moms during Breastfeeding Awareness month.

Requirements: Interest in maternal and child health, personable and good communication skills.

Project Description: Attend community baby shower to support soon-to-be and new mothers with topics such as stress management, tutorial on completing a birth certificate, immunizations, hospital bag check list, car-seat safety, breastfeeding etc. If interested, host breakout sessions with moms related to these topics for more intimate conversations.

Objective: Provide outreach programs to bring pregnant women into prenatal care as early as possible. Provide outreach activities that reduce pregnancy and post-partum related stressors.

Children’s Futures is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve health and development outcomes for children and their families. To achieve our mission, we formally collaborate with schools, social service providers, health care agencies, faith institutions, civic associations, employers and others around school-readiness and success strategies that have the greatest positive impact on children’s immediate health needs, as well as long-term development.

Drawing on the latest research in the fields of prevention and public health, our strategies include but are not limited to:

Health Education and Outreach
Prenatal Care Services
Nurse Home Visiting
Case Management
Quality Child Care
Health Literacy
Family Support Services (including after-school)
Professional Training and Technical Assistance

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